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What Kind of Cookie are You?

1) You are at the movie theater getting a snack to munch on during the movie. Which do you grab?

A: Popcorn

B: Box of candy

C: An Icee

D: You sneak in food from your house

2) What is your favorite patriotic song?

A: The Star-Spangled Banner

B: God Bless America

C: My Country, Tis’ of Thee

D: Yankee Doodle

3) You are shopping for your cousin’s 3rd birthday. Which toy do you get?

A: A puzzle

B: A toy train set

C: A picture book

D: A soccer ball and mini net

4) What is your favorite Disney princess movie?

A: Cinderella

B: Snow White

C: Beauty and the Beast

D: Tangled

5) What is your favorite meal of the day?

A: Breakfast

B: Lunch

C: Brunch

D: No meals; snack throughout the day

6) Your favorite pizza parlor is having a fantastic sale. How fast do you run to get that pizza?

A: A moderate jog

B: You wait for the lines to die down, then walk leisurely

C: Gather all your friends and make a run for it!

D: Zoom out of there, running into anyone in your way of the deliciousness

7) What is your favorite tree?

A: Oak

B: Spruce

C: Maple

D: Aspen

If you got:

Mostly As- You are a chocolate chip cookie! You are simple and realistic. You like to stay in your comfort zone, but you like to have a good time with your friends and family.

Mostly Bs- You are an oatmeal raisin cookie! You are a little more traditional. You are assertive and know what you want. You are also a kind hearted person who is always up for helping others.

Mostly Cs- You are a sugar cookie! You may be quiet when someone first meets you, but underneath, you can be super outgoing. You have great taste in choosing friends, and are often underestimated.

Mostly Ds- You are a snickerdoodle! You are one of a kind. People love your quirky personality, and you are fun to be around. You are never serious, and always having a good time.

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