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Class of 2021 Enters the GLHS Legacy

On August 16th, 544 new freshmen began their journey at Gahanna Lincoln High School. The majority of the freshman come to GLHS from one of the Gahanna Middle Schools, which each have about 600 students. Therefore, coming to a high school with 2,500 students can be nerve racking.

“I was worried that I would give into being just like everyone else, and be too afraid to express myself in a special, unique way,” said Freshman Cami Weldon.

Weldon was nervous that the pressures of a big school would change who she was. Luckily, at GLHS, there are many clubs and activities the freshman can participate in to help them find their footing and express themselves.

“I’m most excited about going to various school activities like Football Friday nights and homecoming,” said Chloe Adams, a new freshman at the high school.

In order to help the freshman grasp just all the options GLHS has to offer, they host a freshman day. It is on the first day of school, and the freshman are the only students at the school. “[Freshman day] gave me a better idea of all the opportunities I can seize at Lincoln,” said Weldon who enjoyed having the first day of high school be a freshman day. Freshman day also allows for students to understand the school's large floor plan.

“I thought freshman day was helpful because it gave me an understanding of where to go for my classes,” said Adams. Both girls agree that they were also able to meet new people at freshman day, which gives them some more friendly faces in the hall, and both are excited for their upcoming year.


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