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Handling the First Quarter

Here at GLHS, August 16th, 2017 was the day that easy summer plans came to an end. Schools all across the country are starting up their routines, and students are simultaneously groaning in unison. But, this school year does not have to be all moans and groans! Since it is the beginning of the year, and it is never too late to have a fresh start, here are some helpful tips to give yourself a strong foundation for the 2017-18 school year. Whether you are a freshman, or senior, there is no reason to not have a fantastic year!

1: First of all, relax! You have already made it through your first few weeks, and they weren't so bad! Keep an open mind and try not to complain a whole lot. Complaining does not get the mountain of homeworkdone, or help anything, for that matter.

2: Speaking of homework, do it!! It all seems unnecessary right now, but it is all preparing you for the bigger picture in the future. Make sure to balance your study/homework time by using a planner to keep you from stressing out.

3: Sleep is super important. If you are a perfectionist, like me, you will want to keep doing your homework until it is done, even if that means staying up till 3:00 am. But, those hours of sleep are far more important than the homework assignment. If you don’t sleep and keep your body healthy, you won’t be able to succeed the next day, or the day after that.

4: High school can be a difficult transition, and you may lose a few friends, but do not fret! In a school as big as this one, you are bound to find some new ones. There are so many clubs and activities to get involved in. Try a bunch of them, and see what works for you! Whatever happens, know that it is only the beginning of your high school career, so you've got time to figure it out!

5: If you get a bad grade, do not freak out! One grade is not the end of the world, and neither is two grades, believe it or not! Something obviously is not working, so now you just need to try studying a new way, or managing your time better. If this keeps happening, talk to your teacher to get some extra help.

6: If you are a senior, or junior, chances are that you are getting a little “sick” of high school. Do not give up. Now is not the time for you to lose focus on assignments and studying. Everything still matters and is affecting your future, so make it count!

7: Don’t forget to have fun. You are still a kid, which means, as hard as life seems right now, it will get a lot tougher. Take these years to try out new personas, make friends, and explore yourself!


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