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The Beginning of a Winning Season

The Ohio State Buckeyes had a tone-setting beginning to their season with a 49-21 win over the Indiana Hoosiers. The game got off to a rocky start with the buckeyes trailing the hoosiers 13-14 at the half, J.T. Barrett was having trouble finding receivers to pass to, and the Indiana offense moved at a pace faster than expected.

For the number Two ranked Buckeyes, the first half should have been a breeze, which left the country wondering if Ohio State really was the second best team. The Buckeyes were able to turn the game in their favor in the second half, Scoring 3 touchdowns and completing a 2 point conversion to put the Bucks ahead 35-21. The defense also began to shut down the Indiana offense, only allowing them to score one touchdown in the third quarter. The fourth quarter involved two more touchdowns for the Bucks, and no new points on the board for the Hoosiers, leaving the buckeyes to win by 28 points.

Ohio State freshman J.K. Dobbins made an impressive start by rushing 181 yards in his first ever game. Barrett passed for a total of 304 yards only solidifying his hard work during the summer, and the standout receiver with 136 yards was Parris Campbell. The Buckeyes face the Maryland terrapins

next win in the shoe.

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