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How Should You Spend Your Next Free Fall Day?

Tell us your opinion on these Fall themed items and we’ll tell you how you should spend your next free day in Fall!

1- What is your favorite pumpkin food?

  1. Pumpkin Spice Latte

  2. Pumpkin pie

  3. Pumpkin seeds

  4. Pumpkin bread

2- What is your favorite fall apparel?

  1. Boots

  2. Cardigan

  3. Flannel

  4. Beanie

3- What is your favorite thing about Fall?

  1. The clothes

  2. The cold

  3. The leaves change colors

  4. The food

4- What is your favorite Fall color?

  1. Yellow

  2. Brown

  3. Orange

  4. Red

5- What is your favorite Fall holiday?

  1. Halloween

  2. Thanksgiving

  3. Columbus Day

  4. Sukkot

6- What is your favorite Fall scent?

  1. Pumpkin

  2. Cinnamon

  3. Apple cider

  4. Bonfire

7- When did you start getting pumped for Fall?

  1. When last Fall ended

  2. Beginning of September

  3. The first day of Fall

  4. Fall? You don't know her. You can't wait for Winter to come

8- You're lost 12 minutes into a corn maze. What's your next move?

  1. Weep and wonder if you'll be stuck there forever, never to find love or be successful

  2. Rationally think through all your options and eliminate them as you go

  3. Cry in terror as you try to get a signal on your phone for help in the middle of the maze

  4. Retrace your steps to the beginning because you've had enough and want to go home

9- It’s the first bonfire of the Fall season! Where are you sitting?

  1. Standing around wherever the food is

  2. Around the fire, but not too close where you’ll burn your face

  3. You started the fire all by yourself and you’re standing guard to make sure everyone’s safe

  4. Fire’s not really your thing… you’re inside where nothing can hurt you

If you got mostly…

As: Spend your next free Fall day going apple picking with your friends! It makes for a good time, and you can make fun apple recipes later!

Bs: Spend your next free Fall day carving a pumpkin! Gotta get ready for Halloween, right?

Cs: Spend your next free Fall day in a corn maze with your friends, it'll be so fun!

Ds: Spend your next free Fall day on a hay ride! It's a little bumpy but you won't regret it!

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