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All About Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurship class is new to Gahanna this year! Taught by Mr. Culver and Mr. Hoying, and featuring fifty-six students, it is a great way to get involved in business and learn more about its inner-workings. The first project done by the classes was to help the victims of the recent hurricanes by selling wristbands for two dollars each, with all the proceeds going to three relief foundations, including World Vision, J.J. Watts Foundation, and Delivering Good.

The wristbands were just the first task accomplished, and much more is planned for this year! Each class will work on impact projects to help improve the school and the community. As it is a new course, there is a great deal of potential to grow and participate in many new projects. The class also works with Junior Achievement and BPA (Business Professionals of America), both of which help teenagers to learn about business skills they can use in the future. Towards the end of the year, BPA holds a conference for students to engage in competitions that use all the skills and ideas they learned from the year.

In addition to the Junior Achievement and BPA, the class has many guest speakers. So far, Paul Reeder of Junior Achievement talked to the classes about the hardships of business and how to get started. He reminded everyone that it is okay to fail, and the experimenting part of business can be the best and most fun part. Wayne Embree from Rev1 also spoke, explaining how users are different than buyers, and emphasizing that businesses must know their target markets. Some students from the class also got to hear Rhett Ricart speak at The Chamber at Creekside. Ricart talked about how his family struggled through tough times that his business faced, and how they got back on top. He explained some of his biggest failures, which helped students learn how they could get around those failures. The guest speakers are very inspirational and are always trying to help the class prepare for the future, how to start a company, and make sure it continues on.

The Entrepreneurship class is certainly new, but it already has a good backing. Students are interested in the business properties the class offers, and are involved in ensuring everything gets done. With different groups working in a variety of departments, students can learn what their job could be like in the future, and develop the skills needed. Marketing, finance, sales, and supply chain all work together to make a business. The entrepreneurship class the is focused on getting students involved more in the community for a good cause. More to come soon!

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