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A Losing Streak

For years, the Cleveland Browns have hung at the bottom of the AFC north. They have changed coaching staff from year to year, going from Bill Belichick (Patriots head-coach), Romeo Crennel (Texans assistant coach), Rob Chudzinski (Colts offensive coordinator), and the 2016-hired current coach, Hue Jackson. The Browns have had 19 different coaches since 1949. It can be inferred that the Browns endless cycle of coaches (likes it is nobody's business) may be why the Browns have never been to the Superbowl, let alone won one. They have not been to a playoff game since 2002, when they were chosen as a wild card and lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In addition to the inconsistency of coaching staff, the Browns suffer from never having a decent quarterback. The current quarterback for the Cleveland Browns is Deshone Kizer, who, this past draft season, was picked up in the second round. Kizer played for the Fighting Irish as a starter and started his rookie year for the Browns. Unfortunately, Kizer’s inexperience and inability to complete a pass cost him his starting position. He was benched during the week 5 game against the New York Jets. The Browns currently have four quarterbacks. Their second string QB Kevin Hogan, who played in the week 5 game, also struggled to even gain a few yards. Yet the quarterbacks are not all to blame. It is difficult to be a successful quarterback when there is little talent around the team.

In the next draft season, the Browns have favorable odds. As long as the Browns keep Coach Jackson in favor of hiring a new coach and they continue to pick up more talent within their defensive and offensive lines, they may finally succeed in making a playoff game after 15 years. Deshone Kizer is predicted it only get better, and their fan base is as strong as ever. In short, hope is still alive for the Dawg Pound.

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