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What Should You Be For Halloween?

Answer these questions to find out what you should be for Halloween!

1- Which picture is the scariest?





2- Best part of Halloween?

a) Haunted houses

b) Passing out candy

c) Putting lots of thought into a costume

d) Trick or treating

3- Favorite Halloween Candy?

a) Reese's Cups

b) Snickers

c) Twix

d) M&Ms

4- Which Pumpkin Carving is the best?





5- Spookiest Halloween creature?

a) Bats

b) Black Cats

c) Spiders

d) Owls

6- Best Halloween Movie?

a) Halloweentown

b) Twitches

c) Hocus Pocus

d) It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

7- Favorite Halloween beverage?

a) Pumpkin Spice Latte

b) Hot Chocolate

c) Hot apple cider

d) Cinnamon apple tea

8- How big of a scare-dy cat are you?

a) You’re not afraid of anything

b) You go to haunted houses, but you’re scared

c) You’re friends have to drag you to the scary houses in the neighborhood

d) You’re not leaving your house on Halloween

If you got:

Mostly As: Cat

Mostly Bs: Superhero

Mostly Cs: Occupation (doctor, police, chef)

Mostly Ds: Prince/Princess

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