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Stick it to the Man

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway musical School of Rock has gone on tour! School of Rock is a musical about a man, Dewey Finn, and his inability to pay rent. When he keeps skipping out on paying rent, his roommate and roommate's girlfriend get on his back about it. He argues that he’s saving money to play in the Battle of the Bands, but he finds out he was kicked out of his band. Without money, a job, or a plan, he is lost. He Finally finds a job (technically he steals it) at an elite private school. The school calls his apartment to offer a job to his roommate, but Dewey poses as his friend to get the money.

From there, he finds that the kids at school can play music, and tries to use them to make all his dreams come true.

First, the adult actors were fantastic. Merritt David James played the role of Dewey, and his portrayal was insane; from his voice to his movements, I could relate to the awkwardness and craziness that Dewey represents. You could tell he had a real connection with the kids, even if they are distant in the beginning of the show. Not to mention the chemistry with Rosalie (Lexie Dorsett Sharp), the show’s eventual love interest.

You cannot forget the kids, as they are so talented and make you question your own successes in life. The kids are all 9-12 years old and expertly play the instruments (bass, guitar, drums, and keys) live during every performance. Additionally, they sing, dance, and act seemingly without difficulty.

The parents/ensemble really added to it the show because the way some parents acted was very realistic. This was beneficial because it felt more personable, like you could put yourself in the kids’ shoes.

There was one error in the show, when one of the adults fell and knocked over a prop. I was very impressed she got up like it was nothing and continued the song. My sister thought it was part of the show and my grandma did not even noticed the woman fell.

The musical started its tour on September 30th and visited Columbus on October 10th-15th! I was lucky enough to see the show opening night at the Ohio Theater, and I was awestruck. Music-Go-Round hosted a ticket giveaway, and my sister and I won the tickets. With orchestra seats, we could see everything and bask in all the glory that is the School of Rock. It was so amazing.

I love what School of Rock is about! There are so many reasons to see it - the kids all play their own instruments act like a real band. The way the adults act is almost too realistic. Songs like “You’re In The Band”, “Stick It To The Man”, and “School of Rock (Teacher’s Pet)” make you feel like you want to dance and like you can run the world. Of course, there are some funnier songs like “In The End Of Time”, which will make you laugh but still appreciate all the work these actors have put into creating the characters. I 100% recommend checking out School of Rock if you want to hear some intense and funny songs or just have a good time listening to something done so beautifully. Between all the talented kids and adults, you will have a rocking time listening to it, and if you have the chance to see it, you will not regret a second of it.

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