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The 2017-2018 Choir Debut

On Sunday, October 15th, the Gahanna Lincoln High School Choirs held their first performance for the community in the high school auditorium. The concert showcased each choir individually, beginning with the freshman girls and ending with A Cappella, the high school’s most advanced choir. The audience also received a Michael Jackson themed performance from the school’s show choir Chorale.

“It’s awesome that our theme this year is Michael Jackson because we get to perform songs that are so relevant in our society today,” junior Chorale member Megan Fleeger said. The audience was intrigued throughout each group’s performance, as they got a glimpse at the growth of students from freshman to senior year.

The degree of excellence that the choirs receive each year at State competitions only continues to get better, causing more people to watch their performances during local concerts. This year, there were so many people that three new rows of seats had to be set up in what is usually the Orchestra pit.

After the concert, many choir members were greeted with big smiles and words of praise from their families and friends, only further solidifying that their hard work over the past two months had indeed paid off.

Do not fret if you missed this concert, as the GLHS Choirs Holiday Concert is coming up quickly, on December 10th, giving everyone another chance to see these amazing groups!

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