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A Concert to Remember

On October third and fourth, Ed Sheeran graced Columbus, Ohio by bringing his Divide tour performance to Nationwide Arena.

Sheeran was preceded by James Blunt, the artist behind the 2007 hit, “You’re Beautiful.” Blunt was energetic, enthusiastic, and excited for the night’s performance.

When Sheeran came onto the stage, the crowd erupted into cheers. He opened with “Castle on the Hill”, one of his liveliest songs.

Behind Sheeran was a light show, so to speak. There were nearly a dozen large, paneled screens. Each song had its own unique images that played behind him.

Over the night, some of his most memorable performances were “Photograph”, “Thinking Out Loud”, “A Team”, “Happier”, and “Galway Girl”.

Sheeran’s performance was especially impressive because he has no band. Instead, he uses a looping pedal, which allows him to record himself as he performs. Then, he plays the recording on a loop, and sings or strums over it. Sheeran’s use of a looping pedal is well-known, as he creates many complex layers during his performances.

To close the show, Sheeran sang “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”. For his encore, however, he came back onto the stage in a Blue Jackets’ jersey and sang “Shape of You”.

Sheeran’s Divide has been wildly successful - it broke Spotify’s record for the most-streamed album ever.

Sheeran is returning to North America for a stadium tour in 2018.

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