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Trick or Treat?

Treats are always much sweeter than tricks. However, on October 31st, people all across America give and receive tricks.

While Halloween originates from a 2,000 year old Celtic festival, the tradition of trick or treating came to the United States when early colonists brought the celebrated British holiday Guy Fawkes Night. On November 5th, children would wear masks and carry effigies while begging for pennies.

In the 19th century, immigrants who fled from the Irish Potato Famine helped Halloween become more popular. Notably, in the 1920’s Halloween tricks attracted rowdy teenagers who created serious mayhem.

The Great Depression only worsened the Halloween vandalism epidemic. Many believe that American trick or treating officially began around that time as well. However, because of sugar rationing, trick or treating did not occur during World War II.

In the next decades, during the baby boom age, trick or treating resumed in American neighborhoods, as kids looked forward to going out and getting some yummy treats every year.

In the United States today, about 41 million kids go trick or treating every year and continue this great tradition.

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