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Which Lion's Roar Member Are You?

1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

a) Cranberry Sauce

b) French Silk Pie

c) Stuffing

d) Mashed Potatoes

2. Favorite subject in school?

a) History

b) Science

c) English


3. Dream vacation?

a) Boston

b) Atlantis

c) Paris

d) New York City

4. Favorite type of shoe?

a) Chacos

b) Sneakers

c) Knock-off Birkenstocks

d) Boots

5. What scenario is most likely?

a) Spilling your Dunkin

b) Be late

c) Cry from laughter (unnecessarily)

d) Pretending to be in a montage

6. What is your mid-life crisis?

a) Spending all your life savings on a yacht

b) Starting your own reality show

c) Becoming a hoarder buried alive

d) Running as a 3rd party presidential candidate

7. How are you feeling right now?

a) Provoked

b) Dissociated

c) Stressed

d) Blessed

So who are you?

Mostly As: Hannah- Can’t use commas correctly, outgoing, competitive, can’t spell, bold, sarcastic, thinks she’s funny

Mostly Bs: Kirubel- the finesse lord, random, distracted, honest, kind, hard working, hungry (all the time)

Mostly Cs: Sarah- the worst, bossy, crafty, sounds like her mother, leadership, intelligent, teacher’s pet

Mostly Ds: Amelia- friendly, sings, touchy-feely, loopy, innocent, gullible, hard core feminist, driven, creative

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