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Waitress the Musical was just in Columbus, November 7-12! The opening show at the Ohio Theater left all attendees speechless.

Columbus was the second stop on its national tour, so the show is still in its “preview” stage. However, the production was still incredible! Desi Oakley starred as Jenna Hunterson, a waitress and baker at a small diner in the south. As she struggles with a toxic relationship and a low paying job, she becomes pregnant. While trying to figure out what to do, she finds a new doctor to help her through the pregnancy, and a little more ends up happening between the two.

Like all shows, there were some errors, including a technical difficulty on the opening night. About five minutes after the curtain was raised, the show stopped due to a set piece malfunction. Luckily, after a half hour, the show resumed, as though nothing even happened! For three performances, the Ohio Theater offered a great student rush deal of 50% off tickets with a student ID. The songs were amazing and all of the actors' performances were very heartfelt. A few of the actors have actually been with the musical before, so it wasn’t an entirely new cast. From "What’s Inside" to "Opening Up (Reprise)", everything was glorious.

It was really cool and interesting that for each tour stop, the cast would audition two girls fir the role of Jenna’s daughter, Lulu. Although the girl's role was small, it was still awesome to see local kids in a national production.

The show does have some mature content. While the movie is vague, the musical is far more explicit. With songs like "Bad Idea" and "I Didn’t Plan It", the sexual themes of the show are fairly clear. Nonetheless, the acting and singing made up for any awkwardness. Along with adult-funny themes, there were some more serious messages about unhealthy and nearly-abusive relationship and the importance of happiness.

The show also pushes the underlying theme of the difference between being “happy enough” and “happy,” and how everyone should enjoy life. After watching Jenna deny her pregnancy, engage in an awkward affair, and finally have a baby, her ultimate happiness had a strong impact on show attendees. The show's actors play relatable characters that demonstrate that every person deserves a happy life.

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