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Hour of Code

Gahanna Lincoln High School's entrepreneurship class is back at it again!

This time, they were spreading new-found knowledge of coding with the Middle School students for National Computer Science week by teaching the Hour of Code! On December 5th, directly after school, many entrepreneurship students went to all three middle schools to hold the workshop. The Hour of Code is a program produced by

Learning basics of coding is becoming a necessity for most people these days. Getting a head start with these code games is a fun way to introduce it and help kids get excited for it. It allows kids to code popular games the way they want to and challenge their friends to play it. One student led the workshop at Middle School East that had a total of 25 students. Another student was in charge of Middle School West and had 17 students, while Mr. Hoying, the entrepreneurship teacher, led Middle School South with 22 students. The kids were all very excited to code and had a fantastic time doing so, all earning some stickers and a certificate to show that they participated in the Hour of Code.

Students came in right when the bell rang at 3:30. The program started as soon as everyone was signed in. By going to and finding the Hour of Code heading, it was an easy to begin the entire workshop. Being able to help students when they needed it and ensure that they were enjoying what they were working on was also great to see, and it was something different to see the students so excited about coding. There were a few groups of friends challenging each other to play their games, which was even more cool. With jobs that involve coding in such high demand, getting the students excited and interested in this subject can help them think about what they want to do in the future.

GLHS’s growing Business and Technology department played a key role in advertising to eighth graders about the classes offered for Freshmen. Even the younger students learned about technology and science opportunities at the high school, even though their time is a little longer away. But even so, having students interested is a good place to start. The program plans to continue expanding in the future and getting more people involved in the subjects that can impact their lives.

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