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The New and Improved Gahannathon

On January 20th, Gahanna Lincoln High is hosting its updated Gahannathon event, a student vs. teacher basketball game that is open to the community, in order to raise money for kids with pediatric cancer.

In a partnership with The Ohio State University’s Buckeyethon ,Gahanna Lincoln Student Council plans and executes the event every year to raise money for the kids at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

In years past, Gahannathon was a dance marathon open only to high school students. However, in an effort to increase attendance of the event, Student Council changed it from a dance marathon to a basketball game.

As a dance marathon, Before, approximately 100 students typically attended the event. For a cause as important as pediatric cancer, student council felt that the number of people aware of Gahannathon was limited. Therefore, they decided to create an event that would get kids more excited to come and participate. If attendance increases, more students and community members will attend a great fundraiser and make a difference. Further, Student Council wants Gahannathon to become a meaningful community event that brings everyone together to support a common cause.

Last year, Gahannathon exceeded its goal of $20,000 and raised over $32,000. This year, the goal has been set to $25,000. In 2017, Buckeyethon raised over 1.5 million dollars, all of which went directly to Nationwide Children's Hospital.

At the student vs teacher basketball game, two student teams will compete against each other, with the winner facing the teacher team.

Gahannathon will begin at 2pm, and costs $5 to get in. The community should look forward to a fun filled event, full of raffle prizes, competitions, and activities for all ages. There will also be a variety of food options available at the event.

Mark a calendar for January 20th and support a great cause while having fun!

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