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Opinion: Nuclear War?

Lately, in the news and on social media, the term “nuclear warfare” has been casually mentioned.

Recent threats exchanged between the United States and North Korea have gathered little attention and not sparked much panic. Last time nuclear war was a threat, during the Cold War, it ignited hysteria in both the United States and the Soviet Union.

The lack of concern surrounding nuclear warfare may be because the idea of nuclear warfare seems unrealistic and dystopian.

But how real is the threat? Are enough steps being taken by the government to prevent warfare and to protect its citizens, or is it allowing its people to be incredibly vulnerable?

Some experts say that the United States has entered into a second Cold War. Given the hostile diplomatic actions between the US and North Korea, everyone should feel tense.

In response to the threats, new sanctions have been recently imposed by the United Nations (UN) in order to disarm North Korea. These sanctions are more extreme than their predecessors. However, nothing seems to phase Kim Jong Un, as he continues to make threats against the US and claims that tighter restrictions will only inspire him to launch missiles sooner.

In Jong Un’s New Years address, he explained that he always has the nuclear launch button on his desk and can press it at any moment. President Trump tweeted a response by saying his “is a much bigger and more powerful one than his, and my Button works!”

There was a huge backlash from this tweet and many believe that it was not the appropriate response to a threat.

Should Trump be responding to nuclear threat through social media? Or is the realness of warfare more realistic and more serious than he realizes?

Nuclear warfare could destroy everyone and everything.

Perhaps Trump simply does not see the threat as realistic.

The president’s inadequate response to these threats is allowing US citizens to scoff at the idea of nuclear war. If the threat becomes real, hopefully it will be taken more seriously by the government.

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