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What's Your Winter Truth?

Answer these questions about winter and we’ll reveal a deep truth about you!

1. Choose a snowflake:





2. Which blanket would you prefer, based on its description?

a. Brown, thick, knitted blanket

b. Black, fuzzy, 100% polyester blanket

c. Gray, warm, fleece throw blanket

d. White, fluffy, huge comforter

3. Favorite thing to do in the snow?

a. Look at it from afar (preferably inside)

b. Build a snowman/ snow angels

c. Sled

d. Snowball fight

3. How do you feel about eating ice cream in the Winter?

a. It’s too cold! I prefer a nice hot tea with this weather.

b. I guess I’ll eat it if it’s there, but I won’t go out of my way to get it.

c. I will eat literally anything in any season at any time. Food is limitless.

d. Ice cream weather is all the time, what are you talking about?

3. Biggest Winter pet peeve?

a. Wet boot tracks inside

b. Ugly black snow on the road

c. It’s so cold!!!

d. When the snow is too soft/ too hard to play with properly (not “packing” snow)

4. What usually happens to your overall mood when Winter hits each year?

a. I get super sad. Seasonal affective disorder at it’s finest

b. I feel exactly the same as the other months…

c. I can’t tell my mental condition because I always get physically sick!

d. Are you kidding?! Winter is the best season. I always feel at my best.

5. What is the best temperature for your ideal Winter day?

a. 43 degrees

b. 31 degrees

c. 50 degrees

d. 15 degrees

6. Which animal do you most associate with Winter?

a. Deer

b. Polar bear

c. Fox

d. Penguin

7. Favorite chill indoor Winter activity?

a. Reading

b. Watching Netflix

c. Sleeping

d. Cooking

8. How badly do you wish for snow days?

a. A delay is fine, I just want to stay safe

b. I really want one, but I don’t get my hopes up…

c. You better believe my pajamas are inside out, I did a lil’ snow dance, and I flushed several ice cubes down the toilet.

d. I will tweet about the importance of a snow day until my fingers bleed

9. How do you spend your first day of Winter break?

a. I’m sick in bed that day. The physical effects from the stress of midterms catch up to me by then

b. I spend the whole day at home doing virtually nothing. I deserve a break.

c. I go on an adventure with my friends. YOLO!!

d. I invite a friend over to chill, chat, watch movies, and eat food

10. Speaking of food… What is your favorite Winter festive treat?

a. Peppermint hot chocolate

b. Candycane

c. Gingerbread men cookies

d. Pie. I’m still in November.

Mostly As: You like to stay in your comfort zone, which is fine, but don't let that stop you from enjoying life. The comfort zone is a nice place to live, but you have to step out at some point.

Mostly Bs: You sometimes care too much about what others think of you. You could benefit from focusing on yourself and progressing your own life.

Mostly Cs: You love to live an exciting, carefree life, but that sometimes gets you into trouble. Stay realistic and safe.

Mostly Ds: You live everywhere but the present. Whether you're worrying about the future, or replaying memories of your past, you are never in the moment. It's good to think ahead and learn from your past, but always take a moment to be here and now.

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