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Which obscure March holiday will you be celebrating?

1. What is your favorite shape?

a. Square

b. Circle

c. Triangle

d. Pentagon

2. What is your favorite taste sensation?

a. Sweet

b. Sour

c. Salty

d. Umami (meaty, protein)

3. What is your go-to social media?

a. Instagram


c. Twitter

d. Snapchat

4. Which do you give the most attention?

a. Your hair

b. Your teeth

c. Your skin

d. Your nails

5. Which is your favorite knock off Oreo brand name?

a. “Creme Betweens”

b. “Boreo”

c. “Hydrox”

d. “Recreo”

6. What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

a. Tagalongs

b. Samoas

c. Thin Mints

d. Trefoils

7. What is your favorite 2000’s Disney show?

a. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

b. That’s So Raven

c. Kim Possible

d. Wizards of Waverly Place

8. How long do you usually spend doing homework/studying each night?

a. 30-60 minutes

b. 0-30 minutes

c. Over 3 hours

d. 1-2 hours

9. Which is your favorite vegetable pun?

a. “I’m kind of a big dil”

b. “Everyday I’m brusselin’”

c. “Romaine calm!”

d. “I love you from my head to-ma-toes”

Mostly As- Sun, March 25: Waffle Day

Mostly Bs- Mon, March 26: Purple Day

Mostly Cs- Fri, March 30: National Doctors' Day

Mostly Ds- Sat, March 31: National Crayon Day

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