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How Creative Are You?

1- What's your favorite cereal?

a. Cheerios

b. Special K

c. Coco puffs

d. Fruit Loops

2- You were just assigned a 5 page essay due in 2 weeks. How do you go about writing it?

a. Do all 5 pages tonight

b. Do all 5 pages the night before it's due

c. Do half tonight, and half a week from now

d. Brainstorm tonight, then write 1 page each day until you finish, then revise

3- What do you wear to sleep in?

a. Sweats

b. A night gown

c. Matching pj set

d. NOT matching pj set

4- Most efficient form of light?

a. Flashlight

b. Headlamp

c. Glow stick

d. Candelabra

5- What's the ideal number of people in a family?

a. 2

b. 1

c. 4

d. 8

6- What is the best way to eat cheese?

a. Cubed

b. Stringed

c. Melted

d. Shredded

7- What is the best chocolate combination?

a. Just chocolate

b. With peanut butter

c. With caramel

d. With strawberries

8- How do you eat an Oreo?

a. Just eat it

b. Dunk it in milk

c. Take the 2 cookies apart, then dunk it in milk

d. Take the 2 cookies apart, take the icing off, eat the icing, then dunk the 2 cookies in milk

9)- Which of these book genres describes the last book you read?

a. Drama

b. Non-fiction

c. Self help

d. Mystery

Mostly As- You’re not very creative, but hey, you still have other great qualities! Maybe experiment a little more so you don’t miss out on life, but overall, keep doing you!

Mostly Bs- You are on your way to being a creative master! You take chances and see the world through a fun, colorful point of view.

Mostly Cs- You’re super creative! People always look to you for a good idea, interesting conversation, or activity to do. You are going to great places with that mind, so keep it up!

Mostly Ds- You are about as creative as it gets. Some may say to tone it down a little, but don’t listen to them! The greatest success stories started with wild and creative ideas!

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