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Student Spotlight: Cami Weldon

Cami Weldon is the definition of an outgoing, involved, and compassionate student at Gahanna Lincoln High School. Cami never hesitates to help someone out, always has a positive attitude, and is a dependable friend to everyone. Although she is just a freshman, she has made a huge impact at Gahanna Lincoln High School. One of the ways she is leaving an impact is through Interact Club, where she puts her creative ideas to work and helps make an impact on the people in her community. Also, in Student Council, Cami can be found working hard for her school and making life-long friendships. She truly enjoys the loving, kind, and passionate people who are in all of the welcoming clubs. Cami has fun attending our school’s bible study called God Talk, but at first was unsure of it. Now she loves going to hang out with the people there and dive deeper into her faith, inspiring her to live a more joyful and truthful life. Cami has also always had a passion for acting, and she is a star in our theatre department. Her fellow peers have made a lasting impact on her, and they each bring a unique purpose to the stage.

The high school is lucky to have Cami, since she originally was going to go to Bishop Hartley, and was daunted at the mere thought of coming to a public school. Cami now feels confident in her decision and feels at home at Gahanna. She has grown attached to the high school, and is grateful for the incredible people here. It was almost too easy for Cami to make friends, since she has such a bubbly and joyful personality. She makes it a goal in her life to put joy and love in someone’s life everyday, and Cami makes the world a better place to live in. Cami is looking forward to next year, to continue in all of her clubs, pursue her love for the arts and possibly make a career out of it, as well as continue to help other people. Even after college, Cami is considering taking a gap year to go on a mission trip. We need more Cami Weldon’s in our lives. Change a life today like Cami does everyday.


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