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Back to School

Every year, summer seems to be a bit shorter than the last, and the end of a three-month vacation is initiated by the first day of a new school year. Whether feelings of dread or excitement accompany the fresh start, students are able to see their friends, take new classes, and participate in school activities once again.

From a freshman's year of high school to a senior's year, every student has a unique experience regarding their age, involvements, and classes. For many involved students, “Going back to school has been a little stressful because of all my extracurricular activities, but overall it’s been great” as Josie Farley, a sophomore, said. From an array of sports to a multitude of clubs, the new year provides a great opportunity for getting involved in school.

On freshman day, students were eased into high school with the assistance of Link Crew, who showed students around the school and engaged in get-to-know-you activities. Freshman were able to familiarize themselves to the massive high school they would be attending for the next four years.

For the youngest students at Gahanna Lincoln High School the transition from middle school can be a little difficult, but every year the transition back to school becomes easier. The years will fly by, and before long the last first day of high school in a student’s life approaches.

Amid applying for college, doing extracurricular activities, working a job, and making time for friends, seniors are encouraged to make the most of their last year before they enter the next chapter of their life. For current senior Maya Figurski, “this year is going really well but I can’t seem to get use to being the oldest at school. I’m really trying to make as many memories as possible.”

As memories are made, the years will fly by until graduation suddenly approaches. High school can be difficult at times, but through hard work and loads of fun along the way, any student can make the most of their high school experience.

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