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Sophomores: It is Your Time!

School can be dreadful, but there are some ways to combat it and enjoy it much more than you already do. You’re in luck, sophomores, Gahanna Lincoln is a part of the Eastland-Fairfield Career Center! With many different programs to look into and choose from, you are bound to find something you enjoy for your junior year, and visiting dates are coming up!

What is the Career Center? The Eastland-Fairfield Career Center is a combination of different programs not typically offered in school to cater to different interests and get hands on experience doing something you love. They have classes at Eastland, Fairfield, and a number of “satellite locations” at other participating schools. From criminal justice to cosmetology to graphic design, the classes are a wide range of subjects and have something in every corner of the board.

These classes are located in multiple different schools, including Eastland Career Center, Fairfield Career Center, Pickerington North High School, Reynoldsburg High School, New Albany High School, Groveport High School and even Gahanna Lincoln!

Mid-September, Eastland-Fairfield Career Center representatives will be visiting Gahanna Lincoln to talk to the sophomores about visiting days for classes. November 1 is your chance to visit a program at Fairfield Career Center or a satellite location, and November 15 is the visit to Eastland Career Center programs. If you want to visit more than one or two programs, their open house is December 6.

This is my second year in the Career Center with Multimedia at the Pickerington satellite location. It is one of the best decisions I have made in school - with hands on experience, meeting new people, and getting to do what I love, the extended travel is worth it. Plus, if you take a class not offered at Gahanna Lincoln, you can either choose to do a half day at both schools, or all day at the school with your career program.

With nearly 40 programs, hands on experience, and free college credit, what’s stopping you from checking it out? Keep an ear out for information on the Career Center and pay attention during their visiting day! To learn more ahead of time, check out their website or talk to guidance for more information about visiting dates!

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