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Will You Be On Homecoming Court?

Design your own homecoming dance and we’ll tell you if you get on homecoming court!

1. Pick a venue:

a. The high school (gym, lobby, and cafeteria)

b. Express LIVE!

c. Hannah Park

d. The Hilton

2. Pick a theme:

a. Under The Sea

b. Lantern Festival

c. Arabian Nights

d. I don’t remember but the other one that was sent out in the google form

3. Pick a date:

a. Zac Efron

b. Gal Gadot

c. Chris Pratt

d. Gigi Hadid

4. Pick your wardrobe:





5. Where are you going to dinner?

a. The Cheesecake Factory

b. P.F. Chang's

c. Buca di Beppo

d. Home

6. Who are you going with?

a. Just your date

b. Just your friends

c. Your friends and their dates

d. Just you, your date, your best friend, and his/her date

7. When are you showing up?

a. Early! Gotta beat the crowds!

b. On time. Can’t miss a second!

c. Fashionably late

d. Maybe show up for 20 minutes

8. What song do you want to dance to?

a. God Is a Woman, Ariana Grande

b. Despacito, Luis Fonse

c. Perfect, Ed Sheeran

d. In My Feelings, Drake

9. Where are you taking pictures?

a. The Creekside fountain

b. The Easton Fountain

c. Jeffrey Mansion

d. The house of someone in your group

Mostly A's: Yes!

Mostly B's: Yes!

Mostly C's: No

Mostly D's: No

#fun #gahannalincoln

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