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A Cuisine Dream

Last week, Lion's Roar reporters Jaimee Carey and Ciarra Cousins attended Taste of Gahanna, a festival in which local residents can sample the cuisine of Gahanna's finest restaurateurs. Here is a review of their experience:

Your taste buds are watering, and saliva is dripping out of your mouth - you are eating the amazing food at the Taste of Gahanna event! Hogs, Chicago style hot dogs, gazpacho, tacos, and the infamous Nothing Bundt Cakes! Taste of Gahanna is an event put on by the Gahanna Chamber of Commerce. It is an event where restaurants and businesses give out samples of their food, so they can get their name and their menu items out to the public.

There were many different restaurants at the event, such as Cap City Diner, Pam’s Market Popcorn, La Navona, Barrel & Boar, Mi Tradicion, Kroger Catering, Nothing Bundt Cakes, 101 Beer Kitchen, J Gumbo’s and many more local hits. Overall there were 20 restaurants at the event. As demand was high, ticket prices were $40 for adults and $10 for kids. The mayor of Gahanna was also there and participated in a Chopped styled cook-off.

We also got the chance to interview a few of the restaurants while we were attending the event, such as Ms. Pam from Pam’s Market Popcorn, which also offered Chicago style hot dogs.

“We moved to from the North Market to Gahanna because my kids all went to Gahanna schools. The market was also hot, but Gahanna is where it’s at. I am in a really good spot and I'm happy to be where I am” the restaurateur said. And she has a point - Gahanna is where "it’s at," and so are those hot dogs she makes!

We also got the chance to interview a Local Cantina employee.

“Everyone in Gahanna knows each other, and I have kids, [so] Gahanna is a good place to raise them. We give back to the Gahanna community by giving the teachers free tacos, and also whenever schools ask us to attend their events and to sell food we try to go above and beyond in helping them and preparing the best food we can for them” the employee said.

Overall, each restaurant had many dishes that were outstanding. Additionally, all the restaurants were very willing and eager to help out the schools and give back to the Gahanna community. The event was very successful and we cannot wait for next year's Taste of Gahanna 2019!

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