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Chorale Camp

With the start of a new school year comes a completely new group of students who all share a passion for singing. Chorale, the performance choir at GLHS, involves about 30 students ranging from sophomores to seniors.

Before the school year even begins, the ensemble has practice to learn the first two songs and dances for their fall concert. Both songs the choir worked on are from the movie The Greatest Showman including the hit songs “Never Enough” and “This is Me.” These songs will eventually be sang along with pieces from the La La Land and Dear Evan Hansen throughout the year.

The group met eight hours a day during the week to learn the music and set the choreography for each piece. Jeremy Lahman, choir director at GLHS, and Tiffany Schlater, Chorale choreographer, worked with the students to create a memorable show that would be performance ready by the end of the week.

After initially learning the songs “we learn choreography which is a tough process because there is a combination of new Chorale members and old Chorale members. Even though it’s hard work, camp is so much fun” Laura Cox, a senior chorale member, said.

After four days of hard work, the end of week performance was anticipated by family and friends. The chorale members put on their pink themed costumes and prepared to make their first debut as a team. As the music started, the smiles on each performers face lit up the stage, and all the work that went into learning, rehearsing, and perfecting each piece paid off as the concert went as smooth as possible.

With the commencement of a long week came a successful performance as well as a group of new and veteran Chorale members that bonded over their passion for music. Many more performances are to come, and with one down, it is looking to be a great year coming for GLHS Chorale.

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