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Getting Ready for the Big City

From November 8th to November 12th, the GLHS marching band will be representing Gahanna in the the city that never sleeps - NYC. To get a better understanding about this trip, I interviewed sophomore saxophone player Anna Aldis and senior Sousaphone player Rachel Fife to get their point of view on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

How do you feel about going to New York City?

Rachel Fife: “I think it is pretty exciting because you get to go with people who are your 'other' family. Even if you don’t get along with your section well, you can have woodwind friends if you play a brass instrument, or brass friends if you play a woodwind instrument. Everyone just accepts each other, I think we will have an awesome time.”

As a rookie, what is it like to go on a trip during your first year?

Anna Aldis: “ I feel like it is an exciting opportunity, especially as rookies. I also think it is kind of bad because we [rookies] have barely any experience marching - we only have the little we were taught on rookie day, at band camp, and at the couple rehearsals we have had, [and] I think we are behind in term of that. It would also be nice to go on this trip as seniors, to be able to finish out our marching band career in a place like New York, but I also think it is a great way to start off our careers.”

Are you nervous to perform in the Veteran's Day Parade?

RF: ”Not really because if you do bad or if you do good, people are still going to really enjoy it because we are there making people happy. I think that is all that matters when you play an instrument, making someone happy through your playing.”

AA: "Yes! There are going to be thousands lining the streets, and thousands more watching. It’s pretty intimidating but I also think it will be a lot of fun too.”

What are you most looking forward to in New York City?

RF: “I have to say the Broadway shows, just to see the professional experience, just to see people putting time and effort into something they love like we do with band.”

AA: “ I just like experiencing the culture of different towns, cities, and places. New York is very lively and there are many cool and memorable sites, which is really fun especially going with people who are like my other family.”

As a senior, what is it like to finally go on a trip when in your freshman year, you saw the band go to Toronto?

RF: “Personally for me, I had two older brothers who went on the band trips without me, so it is finally a relief that I get to go...someplace where they did not go. One of my brothers went to Chicago their year, another went to Toronto, so now it is my turn to go to one of the most popular cities in the world without them there and have my own personal experience.”

Finally, how do you think the band will do representing Gahanna in NYC?

RF: ”We will push it to represent Gahanna well because we all take pride in our school.”

AA: “I think we are going to do a great job, it will be awesome.”

If interested in watching the band's performance, head to on November 11th from about 11:15 am to 3:30pm. Good luck to the marching band in New York City this November and go lions!

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