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Is it Worth It?

Every year, Apple comes out with a new phone that is better than the previous model. This year, however, may be different.

On September 12th, Apple announced they were releasing 3 new phones, iPhone XR for $749, iPhone XS for $999, and iPhone XS Max for $1,099. The big question is whether or not the iPhone X and iPhone XS/XS Max are significantly different from one another.

To start, the iPhone XS has a plus option with 6.5 inch OLED display which is the largest ever offered on an iPhone. The XS is built with the most durable glass ever on a smartphone with even better water and dust resistance and even includes a gold color option.

The new phone gains an IP68 water resistance at 2 meters (6.5 ft for 30 minutes) vs the iPhone x at 1 meter. The face ID on the XS is significantly faster than the X and much more secure. Another speed change is a 30% faster app launching with the iPhone XS.

So are these changes enough to upgrade?

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