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Opinion: Kavanaugh Should Not be Appointed

Last week, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had a hearing in light of his sexual abuse allegations during his his younger years. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually abusing her in high school.

An outburst of opinions came directly after these allegations surfaced and even more after the hearing. For the citizens of the United States, it can sometimes be difficult to determine who is telling the truth and who is lying. The ominous question of who to believe is sparking arguments all over the country, and will leave half the country dissatisfied no matter the senate’s decision. The growing division and polarization of the country is only becoming larger because of this nomination.

We can poke fun at the trials through satirical comedy and articles, but in reality we are the people who will have to deal with the consequences of this appointment.

As per usual, there are groups of people who will only listen to their party’s opinions and. Dr Ford came out about the assault due to the fact that Kavanaugh is about to be appointed to the United States Supreme Court. As the Supreme Court is a lifelong appointment, his nomination is extremely important.

Although citizens in Central Ohio may feel detached from Washington D.C. and the Supreme Court does not truly have an impact on us, but in reality their verdicts many times have a direct effect upon us. Determining who is telling the truth is essential to deciding whether or Kavanaugh should be appointed.

While I have my own personal opinions on the matter, I believe that looking objectively at the situation is incredibly important. Every person can agree that any credible sexual assault allegations made against a nominee for the Supreme Court are not promising. Secondly, especially in the predominantly caucasian and male Judiciary committee, people who have not battled assault cannot appreciate the terror that comes with victims telling their story. The bravery demonstrated by Dr Ford showed just how important it was to her that the country knew the truth about Kavanaugh. Though some do not believe Dr. Ford’s testimony, her brave disposition is clear.

To be completely honest, I think that both Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh are incredibly believable. However, the way Kavanaugh treated the Senators during questioning is not acceptable. Becoming a senator is a difficult task, and any congressman or congresswoman deserves respect, regardless of political opinions.

I understand that Kavanaugh was very upset about the allegations, but his anger should not have rubbed off onto the Senators. His inability to control his emotions and deeply partisan opening statements demonstrate to me that he is not able to be an impartial and fair justice.

Personally, I think we should all hope that the morally right decision will be made. Being a justice on the Supreme Court is a huge deal, and there is not shortage of qualified justices.

As citizens, we are not as powerless in this situation as it might seem. Therefore, if you feel strongly one way about this issue, I urge you to call your senator. You can help make a difference in how your Senator votes, so please do not waste this opportunity to ensure the right decision is made.


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