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In The Know Success

Gahanna Lincoln In the Know Team plays historic match, progresses to next round of tournament

In a historic match on October 29th, the Gahanna Lincoln In the Know team won their second match in the tournament and qualified for the sweet sixteen round.

In the Know is a quiz competition where teams of four students answer various trivia questions against one another in quickfire succession. These competitions are set up in single-elimination tournament play, and are difficult enough that no Gahanna team has made it past the second round since 2004. The team, consisting of Nahor Hagos, Anne Coon, Joe Perry, and Zach Forsythe won with a score of 445 to Licking Heights’ score of 360. Though this past match was not be televised, the In the Know team’s first match against Bishop Watterson High School will be televised on November 7th at 7:30pm, and will play on WOSU.


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