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Nick Bosa's Unexpected Leave

When Nick Bosa began to fall, everyone knew he was injury, but thought it would only take him out off the field a game or two. Now, after a few weeks of recovery, Nick Bosa has decided to leave Ohio State to focus on recovering fully before the NFL draft.

To give a little background about his injury: it was the third quarter in a hard-fought game between Texas Christian University and Ohio State University. With OSU being ranked number four at the time and TCU being ranked number fifteen, this game was likely going to be challenging for both teams. When the quarter was just starting, the teams exited their locker rooms and headed back onto the field with TCU starting on offense. Less than a minute into the third quarter, tragedy struck the OSU defense when Nick Bosa fell onto the field after what seemed like a routine attempt to disrupt a pass. He left the field with help and went into the locker room, but returned later in street clothes, an image that shocked the fans both at the game and watching at home.

On September 20th, it was revealed that Nick Bosa had suffered a core muscle injury that required him to have surgery.

“He clearly played through some pain for the first couple games,” John Bosa, Nick Bosa’s Father, told Sports Illustrated, “He had some slight tears happening in there. He definitely had some discomfort in the left side of his groin. We thought it was something he could play with and manage.” After he underwent surgery, it was revealed that Nick Bosa had tears on both sides of his groin.

At first, it was reported that Nick would only be out for a few weeks, but after a while, John Bosa revealed that his recovery would take up to twelve weeks. This ultimately lead to his decision to let his body heal in preparations for the upcoming NFL combine and the draft. Urban Meyer, the OSU head coach, expressed his support for Bosa in a statement, "I certainly understand, and we support [the players]. It's just something you've got to deal with and move forward, just like early entries in the draft. It just happens."

In his last year, no one expected Nick Bosa to get injured or even make the life-changing decision to leave OSU. However, this is football, and, in football, always expect the unexpected.

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