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A Different Type of Campfire

At the beginning of November, news hit of forest fires raging in California. The fire making the most headlines is Campfire, which spans 117,000 acres and has forced more than 50,000 people out of their homes. There is still an estimated 1,000 people still missing, and the wildfire has taken over 70 lives and counting. As of Saturday night, the fire has been 65% contained and is expected to be 100% contained by the end of the month.

The second largest is the Woolsey fire. It took over 93,000 acres and has killed three people, increasing the total death toll to 80. Woolsey has been 91% contained and is expected to be 100% at the end of the month as well. Thousands of buildings are now ashes, most of which were people’s homes.

The question immediately asked was: how did these fires start? Many were quick to blame local power lines and electricity companies such as Southern California Edison (SCE), but SoCal Edison’s report says, “at this point we have no indication from fire acanay personal that ACE utility facilities may have been involved in the start of the fire.” Another electrical company accused was PG&E. The company has been accused of being involved in the starting of numerous fires, which has made them an easy target for blame. Although there is no evidence to prove they caused the fire, their shares have dropped more than 60% since Campfire started.

Now is the time to donate - it is everyone's’ job to unite and help these victims. To donate money, visit Google’s non-profit fund by searching “how to donate to campfire victims.” Another way to donate is by visiting the Red Cross’ website or by calling 1-800- RED CROSS. Although there have already been huge amounts donated, the victims still really need items like toiletries, bedding, pillows, and hygiene kits. Any donation, big or small, helps the victims recover and try to rebuild their lives from the ashes.

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