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Instant Family Review

Instant Family is a movie that revolves around the life of a married couple (Mark Wahlberg who plays Pete and Rose Byrne who plays Ellie) who own a house renovating company. They fix the houses up and then resell them to other people, and are known as flippers. However, as the movies opens, they have a revelation that they have been together for awhile, but do not have any kids. They are introduced to the topic of adoption and foster care, which in their eyes is something they would be up to do. Once the movie goes along they learn about different children that are in foster care and what affects it has on them. Quickly, they foster some troubled children who they grow to love. The movie is so good because it follows the difficulties and joys of children that are placed in foster care. It shows how many of the kids cope with the difficulties of the foster care system, but are also willing to extend themselves to people who actually care. The movie even made me want to adopt children! The movie really advocates for adoption and was a good source of information about adoption. I would highly recommend to go out and see it with your family and friends!

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