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The Man, the Myth, the Legend

December 28, 1992 to November 12, 2018. Stan Lee left the world only a few weeks ago, but his impact is lasting.

As the co-creator of so many superheroes, many people looked up to him - he brought joy to the whole world. Writing comics and seeing them turned into movies, Lee’s stories and ideas have come a long way. Even though he is not around any longer to see it, his ideas will continue growing. Lee will never be able to leave our minds or our hearts, as he did so much for Marvel and the superhero world. Lee, the man of many cameos and heroes, was an actual hero himself.

Lee gave many people something to love and get invested in by creating relatable characters and following their stories and lives. Fans saw the transition from comic books to movies, as the world of Marvel and superheroes has evolved. It has been over ten years since the first Iron Man movie came out, which started the superhero revolution. Marvel has not slowed down since Iron Man, and we can expect many more movies to come and to continue seeing heroes get their screen time. By seeing more Marvel superheroes get their movies and become new fan favorites, Lee’s legacy will be carried on, and we will never truly be without him.

It has been a month since Lee passed away, and since then we have gotten a lot of information from Marvel on upcoming movies and turning points. We have seen the second trailer for Captain Marvel, the first trailer for Avengers 4 (Avengers: End Game), and hearing more and more about Spider-Man: Far From Home. Even though Stan Lee is no longer around, we will still be getting a few more cameos! His cameo for Avengers: End Game has been confirmed to have already been filmed. There have been rumors that there are stock cameos already recorded for other upcoming movies, but nothing has been confirmed for the other movies, and we might not know until the movies come out.

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