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A Slam Dunk Season

The Gahanna Lady Lions Varsity basketball team is hardworking and dedicated to success. With their last game over, they maintained a 13-7 record. Their season came to an end on Friday, February 8th against Lancaster.

In regards to their 2018-19 season, team member Edyn Battle said, “Our season has been good, there definitely should of been games we should have won but we move on and get better everyday.” The team is heading into the postseason now, with their first tournament game against Logan. They have had a lot of success in their season because they work hard for every win and accomplishment they get.

The 5 starters are juniors Edyn Battle, Kennadi Harris, Morgan Darnell, senior Madison Hensley, and sophomore Naomi Johnson. The girls plan to win their big tournament game against Logan. As Battle said, “We played them before so we know what we are walking into. We just have to be ready and stay focused.”

Come out and support the Lady Lions Varsity basketball team! Best of luck to them as they make their mark during tournament season!


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