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A "Little" Review

Little was released on April 12, 2019 starring Regina Hall who plays Jordan Sanders, Marsai Martin, the younger Jordan Sanders , and Issa Rae, the assistant to Jordan. The movie was not only funny. It brought a message that warned of letting power get to your head. In the opening scene of the movie. Jordan Sanders is in middle school and she struggles with getting bullied. Her negative experiences in middle school push her to become a person in power during her adult life so she does not have to worry about being bullied again. She owns her own company and depends on no one but her assistant. Her employees are scared of her and try to disappear anytime she is around them.

This all changes when she passes by a little girl and says some not nice things about her. The young girl wishes Jordan was her age and, sure enough, the next morning Jordan wakes up as her 13 year old self. Now, since she is little, Jordan has to depend on her assistant for anything and everything. Throughout her time as a kid again, she realizes the way she treats people is not right and works to correct that by showing her employees that she cares about them. It also shows her overcoming bullying and allows her to become her own person. Overall Little gets 4.5 stars from me and I’d highly recommend to go see it! Not to mention 14 year old Marsai Martin was an executive producer for her movie where she herself stars in it!

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