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Homecoming Tips

Homecoming is an exciting time for highschoolers every year, getting dressed up, taking pictures with all your friends, and going out to eat before and or after the dance. Everyone has different opinions on homecoming and how to go about preparation for the dance.

I asked my Instagram followers “what’s some good advice for homecoming?” and I got some great responses.

Marselina, a recent graduate from Gahanna said to “be yourself and don’t try to impress anyone but yourself.”

Dressing for yourself is important, especially when it comes to occasions where you are asked to dress up, such as dances. Make sure you incorporate your personality into your outfit.

Another response I received that goes along the same lines was from Clara, a junior at Gahanna, who said not to “wear heels. It’s not worth it.”

Heels can make a look go from basic to formal and fancy. On the other hand most heals tend to become extremely uncomfortable after wearing them for long periods of time, especially long periods of time when you're dancing and moving for several hours.

I did a poll on my Instagram and found that 67% of people have taken their shoes off at a dance. It’s best to find a comfortable pair of shoes for the night rather than taking them off halfway through the night. No one wants to walk around barefoot on the nasty gym floor.

Pictures are a huge part of the night, everyone wants to have nice pictures full of memories of the night.

One great pieces of advice I received was from Alexis, a junior at Gahanna. She suggested to “take pictures at home because public places are too crowded, even ones you think won’t be.”

Creekside is usually the spot where everyone wants to go and take large group pictures, but one downside is how crowded it will be.

If having an aesthetically pleasing background is important to you and your heart is set on going to one of the parks for pictures, I recommended showing going early so you have a better chance of finding the perfect spot.

The last piece of advice I want to share is from Peyton, a senior at Gahanna who recommended everyone to “focus on having fun with your friends, and if you don’t want to go don’t feel obligated to.”

This is what homecoming is all about: just having fun with friends and making memories whether it’s at the dance or if you decide to go do something else.

There shouldn’t be a ton of stress surrounding finding the perfect outfit, perfect shoes, or perfect spot to take pictures. I hope everyone has a great night whether you go to the dance or not, and the advice from your peers is helpful.

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