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International Language Honors Society welcomes new members

The International Language Honors Society welcomed many new inductees into their program recently. This society welcomes students taking Spanish, Chinese, French, and German.

A total of 69 students were inducted: 44 from Spanish, 14 from Chinese, 7 from French, and 4 from German.

“The International Language Honors Society is for students who desire to continue their language and learn about the cultures of the countries where those languages are spoken,” says Laura Thomas, the head of the Spanish chapter at Gahanna.

The inductees are carefully selected by a panel of teachers, and they all gathered at Clark Hall on October 30th to officially join the society.

“It’s an honor, especially because Spanish is so important to me personally, and my family, some of whom only speak Spanish,” says Anne Coon, an inductee for the Spanish chapter.

The new inductees are thrilled to be joining, and current members are excited to see what this year will bring!

The society participates in many different fundraisers, including a walkathon for Montaña de Luz, which is an organization that helps families who have been affected by HIV/AIDS in Honduras.

The money raised helps the organization do many different things, including helping children whose families can no longer care for them.

New inductees also are learning about different cultures.

International Language Honors Society is “a community in which students can connect through culture and diversity,” says Nahor Hagos, one president of the Spanish chapter of the society.

“It’s a group coming together advancing knowledge on different cultures and new languages” added Edsel Costas-Lebrón, the other president of the Spanish chapter.

Congratulations to all new inductees!

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