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Colleges Make Changes For Covid-19

School is a place where both education and socialization takes place. College students have more freedom than the high school student or grades below. One of the biggest freedoms is living on campus.

Many schools have switched to online for the fall semester. For example, Ohio University has been using remote learning since August 24th, only allowing a few graduate and undergraduates to return due to their academic programs.

Phase two of re-entry from self isolation allows more students to return to school, but only a select few. Spring semester is still undecided. During the spring semester, spring break occurs, which brings into question what students will do about getting home or breaking from class.

Many colleges have canceled or made adjustments to the break. In doing this, the Ohio State University intends to reduce the travel of students to the spread of more cases of Covid-19. Instead of break, OSU plans to take an instructional break on February 9 and March 31.

Much has changed in the year 2020. The pandemic is a constantly changing crisis, and our responses will have to change as well. For the time being, students will be forced to adapt to change.

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