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Opinion: Denzel Dion Misses the Mark

Denzel Dion is a plus-sized YouTuber with 1.5 million subscribers. His content covers a variety of topics including fashion reviews, mukbangs, and reviews of current celebrity news. Recently, he released his fashion line after teasing it. The reaction was not positive.

Denzel came out with NOID Official, his fashion line in fall of 2020. It mostly consists of clothes with holes in them. The prices are astronomical. The price for what is essentially a tank top with a hole in it and some sleeves is $175.00.

Luxury designer brands like Gucci know their audience, mostly rich people or those who have been saving for a luxury item for some time. Brands like Versace didn’t come out of the gate selling clothes at two million dollars. Brand creator Gianni Versace had to work for his brand to be considered luxury.

Denzel Dion is a YouTuber who likely doesn’t have fans who are going to spend $175 on a tank top, especially during a global pandemic and high unemployment rates. Added together, the items would cost $2,300.

I mention Denzel being a plus-sized man for a reason and the reason is that as a plus-sized man he should understand the struggles that plus-sized people are underrepresented. Yet on his website, there are no plus-sized models modeling the clothes. The smallest size is an XXS and the largest is an XXL (1X).

According to YouTuber ItzKeisha Uncut, the clothes are reminiscent of slavery. Nobody wants to be reminded of slavery’s history in America. I want fashionable holes like in ripped jeans. Instead, I get a hole in the belly button area which makes no sense.

I really hate the piece below for a number of reasons. The item is not made for all body types and would not provide support to people with large chests. The neck thing makes me think of a rope and I feel like it would be uncomfortable. The back has no visual value. I’d rather have no back than the weird back it has. It’s surprising that Denzel critiques celebrities’ clothing choices and then comes out with this. He is a fashion reviewer and should definitely know what works and what doesn’t. And NOIDofficial doesn’t.

A lot of clothes are green, and it's a dark green or a washed-out green. Nothing bright, nothing pops. It is just green. Also, there is nothing on the back that would make these green blobs worth triple digits. You would think with these prices he is using silk or something. Nope. Nylon, Wax, Cotton, etc. Basic.

On Twitter, people were calling out Dion for the reasons above, he started calling them poor and said that the clothes weren’t for them. If not for the average consumer, it is unclear who the clothes are for. I don’t think Kim K is buying them. It's also not nice to call people who work 9-5 and support you poor.

He called it a clothing line, which means he can charge more as opposed to merch. I don’t stan people who take constructive criticism as hate and promptly ignore it.

The reasoning behind the name NOID is that NOID is DION backwards. NOID with a certain space is also NO ID and the clothes are for everyone. They are still not attractive, but I appreciate the effort. Also, he didn’t just put his name on the shirt and charge the prices he is charging. He seemed to have tried, and I respect that.

“I said what I said, I meant what I said, and I said what I meant,” Denzel Dion said numerous times.

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