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2020: The Year of Megan Thee Stallion

In 2019, Megan Thee Stallion released “Big Ole Freak,” which got on to the Top 100 Chart and was certified platinum. She also released “Hot Girl Summer” with Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign.

Her album Suga (2020) also had two hit songs, “Captain Hook” and “Savage,” with the latter having a Tik Tok dance to make it even more popular. Megan also won Rapper of The Year for GQ magazine. Also, she was awarded the breakthrough artist of the year by Apple Music.

“WAP” Controversy

“WAP” isn’t on the album, but there was some controversy surrounding Megan’s second #1 Billboard hit. Some saw WAP as a message of female empowerment while others saw it as a bad message for young girls. Others were more upset that Kylie Jenner was in the music video, though she was a less featured cameo in the star-studded video.

Some Unexpected Winners

“Shots Fired:”

This song is about the Tory Lanez incident. Earlier this year, Rapper Tory Lanez shot Megan Thee Stallion in the foot. At first, people didn’t believe her and some even made jokes. Megan shared a picture of her foot and Tory has continued to deny that he shot Megan. Megan claimed that Tory gave her money to stay quiet but Tory pleaded not guilty to that. Tory made an album about it and Megan made a song. This song feels a little angry but Megan has every right to be. Megan fired back at Tory in a great diss track. She doesn’t say Tory’s name in the song but this verse stating “you shot a 5-10 [person] with a .22” gives it away.

“Freaky Girls ft. SZA:”

SZA has a really nice voice. The beat suits both of them. In the song “WAP,” the beat makes it seem like Megan is going really fast and Cardi is going really slow. I was surprised at how well their voices go together and at how much I liked it. At some points, it seems like this is SZA’s song, and Megan is featuring, but this song is perfect.

“Don’t Rock Me To Sleep:”

Megan switches up her flow. She switches out fast rapping for singing. In this song Megan just wants her man to be real with her and tell her the truth.

“Savage Remix ft. Beyonce:”

This is one of the songs that came out before the album and was added. I am obsessed with this song. Both ladies are phenomenal. “Savage Remix” is also Megan’s first #1 song on the Billboard Top 100.

“Girls In The Hood:”

This song was also released before the album. Megan is being unapologetically herself.

“What’s New:”

This song is powerful, with Megan telling her haters to go away, on top of having a catchy chorus.

“Don’t Stop ft. Young Thug:”

This music video was clearly inspired by Alice In Wonderland, and Megan is the Cheshire Cat and the Queen Of Hearts. Young Thug doesn’t rap too much but there is a part where he has hands like Edward Scissorhands.

Some Unexpected Losers

“Do It On The Tip ft. City Girls,” “Sugar Baby,” and “Cry Baby ft. Dababy:”

These three songs are too vulgar for my taste. To me, they are nothing special.


This song is too vulgar for my taste. But I like Popcaan’s voice and the beat. This is a pretty chill and calm song. This is a song to sway too, as an instrumental.



I like the beginning before Megan starts rapping. This is definitely a power anthem for Megan who has been through hard things which she details in the song, saying “bullet wounds and backstab mom died and still sad,” but Megan came back from those tragedies and released a pretty good song.

“Movie ft. Lil Durk:”

This one was not my favorite. My favorite part is when Megan isn’t rapping about intercourse. There is a disconnect when Lil Durk says he’ll tell her what to do but Megan says to get her hands off her.


The music video has flashing lights which I do not enjoy. This song seems reminiscent of “WAP” but just like “WAP,” it is catchy.

“Work That:”

Megan shows off how fast she can rap. And Megan sings a little bit which wasn’t half bad.

“Go Crazy ft. 2chainz and Big Sean:”

The rappers didn’t mention that they were going to go crazy. Big Sean did say something I liked, for example, “if they hate you for being you, they not secure in they identity.” In this time of craziness, that's good to remember.


Megan seems to be describing herself and this song is pretty okay.

This album was released on Friday, November 20th, 2020 and Megan has been promoting it on her Instagram page.

RATING: 9/10

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